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Retail Investors are “All-In”
Andy Reynolds

A few weeks ago, TD Ameritrade’s CEO of online brokerage, Fred Tomczyk, visited CNBC’s Squawk Box set and shared data that should draw the attention of all investors.  During his interview, he cited several indicators that the retail investor is fully invested in today’s stock market.  Whether it is low cash levels in accounts, more … Continued

Can Money Buy Happiness?
Cameron Hamilton

We are over six years into the current stock market bull run, the fourth longest such run in history. All three major market indexes are running close to record highs, with S&P 500 recording its record close last Thursday. The economy as measured by GDP has expanded similarly since 2009. These historic highs always seem … Continued

Looking Beyond the Fed
Brian Burton

The focus of investors continues to be on the Federal Reserve and the ramifications of a pending interest rate hike.  Yes, when rates are adjusted higher we are likely to experience short-term volatility in financial markets; however, depending on the pace and destination, longer-term implications are likely to be more favorable.  While markets hang on every word of the Fed, it’s imperative not … Continued