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Charitable Involvement – Endow Kentucky Tax Credit
Andy Reynolds

Over the past several years, we have come to recognize that some of our most happy clients are the ones who are actively involved in helping others.  We have seen this accomplished through being involved on a Board, helping a neighbor/family member, or making a donation of one’s time, talent, or treasure.  We have yet … Continued

Oil Meeting Gives Us a Refresher in Adam Smith
John Boardman

We typically try to pick a weekly commentary topic that is both far-reaching in its relatability and unique in its perspective.  This week, in a more pointed review of a singular event, we are taking a very close look at this past weekend’s Doha meeting and its failed attempt at having sixteen oil producing countries … Continued

India – The Last BRIC Standing?
Brian Burton

Move over China, you’re no longer the fastest-growing major economy – the Indian economy grew at a clip of 7.5% in 2015 while China grew at a rate of 6.9%.  India became the world’s fastest growing large economy in 2015 and according to the International Monetary Fund’s target of 7.5% growth in 2016, India should … Continued