Since our founding, our vision remains steadfast: build a team that we would want to take care of our own families.
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We believe the best work is done through collaboration. Within our team, with our clients. Principles in practice together.

The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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Age & Asset Allocation – When to Make the Shift from Stocks to Bonds?
Brian Burton

There has always been a very basic rule of thumb regarding age and asset allocation, “Subtract your age from 100 and the result is the percentage of stocks you should own in your portfolio”.  For example, a 65 year old would invest 35% of her portfolio in stocks and 65% in bonds.  The rationale was … Continued

Welcome to Ballast

Welcome to Ballast!  We are excited to share that as of today, we are fully operational under our new brand and at our new location, 360 East Vine St. Suite 320.  With the markets closed for Good Friday, the three day weekend allowed us to move all furniture, IT, phones/internet, etc. with a seamless transition. … Continued

Zero-Based Budgeting for Households
Cameron Hamilton

Last week’s announced merger between Heinz and Kraft, a deal of about $50 billion, was the largest private equity deal of the year. Even though Warren Buffett was involved and the deal is measured in the billions, the story of the deal has focused on the dollars and cents to be saved by using zero-based … Continued