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The Greying of Black Friday
John Boardman

Although shoppers spent a reported $10.4 Billion on Friday’s “shopping holiday,” the consensus is in; Black Friday is not what it used to be.  By most estimates, shoppers spent $1 Billion less than was spent one year prior.  With so much attention being paid to the attitude of the consumer in the face of the … Continued

2015 State of the Economy

Our 2015 State of the Economy presentation took place on November 10. We were thankful to have so many in attendance to hear our thoughts on the current economic climate, the impact of the Federal Reserve, consumers, behavioral finance, and market valuations.

Significant Social Security Reform Passed by Congress
Andy Reynolds

If it is possible, Social Security just became a whole lot simpler but also much more confusing at the same time.  During an 11th hour Congressional budget meeting over the Halloween weekend, Congress officially reformed Social Security benefits for many soon-to-be retirees.  While the age and benefit calculations remain unchanged, several high-level Social Security planning … Continued