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US Stocks and Bonds Benefiting So Far from Brexit
John Boardman

At least in the short-term, US stock and bond markets have been simultaneous beneficiaries of Brexit.  In the day following the surprising Brexit announcement, global markets (including the US markets) experienced a precipitous decline leading many to believe that a British or European recession might have far-reaching effects.  In contrast, the week following Brexit and … Continued

Mid-Year Market Update
Brian Burton

U.S. Equities : It has been anything but a smooth ride for capital markets so far in 2016.  Throughout January and the first 11 days of February, U.S. equity markets were flashing red with the S&P 500 down over 10%.  However, the ability to stay patient during periods of uncertainty and remain invested would turn out … Continued

Is Now the Time to Refinance?
Cameron Hamilton

In the first Godfather movie, young Michael Corleone says the famous line, “It’s not personal, Sonny.  It’s strictly business.”  Anyone who has seen the movie or been on the receiving end of this saying knows that every time it’s uttered, the situation is personal to someone.  While nearly every decision we help people make on … Continued