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The “Bizarro” World of Negative Interest Rates
John Boardman

In one of my all-time favorite Seinfeld episodes, everything gets flipped upside down for the whole group.  Opposite their normal lives, Kramer starts an executive career, George dates a super-model, and Jerry doesn’t have any friends as Elaine finds new friends possessing personality traits opposite her old friends; the new friends are nice, empathetic, and … Continued

Is Oil Impacting the Stock Market?
Andy Reynolds

Markets like math and markets love “if, then” statements.  Whether it is an analyst, trader, or economist, everyone is trying to predict “if this happens, then this will happen.”  The challenge with the current markets and oil market is that there are a lot of “IF” questions, with infinite potential “THEN” answers.  The result has … Continued

R-E-L-A-X and Plan Accordingly
Brian Burton

As equity markets are off to the worst ever start to the year it appears that the Fed and other central banks may have lost their grip.  Investors’ confidence in the authorities’ ability to steady the economy and markets is growing weary.  One major concern is that the global economy has become excessively dependent on … Continued