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The Evolution of the Value versus Growth Debate
John Boardman

As investors, we primarily utilize historic data for decision making.   With the plethora of data available, we are empowered to make sound choices for our clients.   Saying that, it is critical that we continue to evolve as markets evolve.   “Growth” versus “Value” investing is one of the longest standing debates in the investment world with … Continued

A History of the Individual Income Tax in America
Frank Yozwiak

Key Takeaways: Individual income taxes are the largest source of revenue for the government The 16th Amendment gave Congress “the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes” History has shown that tax revenues increase when rates are cut   Taxes have been part of our country’s history from the very beginning – No Taxation … Continued

Rates Have Fallen, Is it Time to Refinance?
Cameron Hamilton

Interest rates have been falling since November and mortgage rates have followed suit.  Just like 10-year T-notes, both 30-year and 15-year fixed rate mortgages have seen rates decline roughly 1.1% over the last seven months (see the chart below).  Have rates hit the bottom?  They’re certainly close to historic lows.  Since the Federal Reserve began … Continued