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Pre-RMD & Social Security Roth Conversions
Andy Reynolds

Roth conversions should be especially considered if retired and not yet 70 years old. Withdrawing pre-tax funds and paying taxes before Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions may result in less tax paid on those funds over the long-term. Careful retirement income tax planning prior to age 70 may present significant long-term benefits for multiple … Continued

Taxes in Retirement – Case Studies
Frank Yozwiak

Key Takeaways: Your sources of income will change, but you will still owe taxes in retirement In general, your principal (or “cost basis”) will be returned to you tax-free A diversified portfolio provides protection in down markets, and also flexibility when planning for taxes.   When you’ve spent your adult life working and saving, retirement … Continued

Tips from Record Jeopardy! Contestant
Cameron Hamilton

The television quiz show Jeopardy! currently has a champion as dominant as Secretariat at the Belmont or Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach.  James Holzhauer has won 22 straight games, earning over $1.6 Million.  I’ve been enthralled watching his quick wit and ultra-aggressive betting style, and would like to share some financial and life takeaways I’ve … Continued