Since our founding, our vision remains steadfast: build a team that we would want to take care of our own families.
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We believe the best work is done through collaboration. Within our team, with our clients. Principles in practice together.

The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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The Benefits of Working with a Financial Advocate
Frank Yozwiak

Key Takeaways: Investors who work with a financial advocate are more successful than those who do not. Working with a financial advocate helps take emotion out of the investing equation. We help our clients create, and stick to, their long-term financial plans.   For many people, likely most people, the first time they’ll ever see … Continued

The Questions to Ask About Concentrated Positions
John Boardman

We have worked with many affluent clients who amassed their wealth through concentrated exposure to a single asset.  Examples could include a corporate executive receiving ongoing stock awards, a founder of a company selling his or her business in exchange for stock, or even a property owner whose land value has appreciated markedly over time.  … Continued

Should Business Owners Raise Their Salary to Earn More Social Security?
Cameron Hamilton

Key Takeaways:   Pass-through entity owners can choose to take profits as wages or distributions Increasing owner salary raises payroll tax liability but also increases future Social Security benefits Older owners and owners with non-working spouses and/or incomplete earnings records stand to benefit the most from increasing their salaries   Lower taxes are better, right?  … Continued