Since our founding, our vision remains steadfast: build a team that we would want to take care of our own families.
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We believe the best work is done through collaboration. Within our team, with our clients. Principles in practice together.

The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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Opportunistic Cash Flow Planning
John Boardman

I recently came across a study by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research referencing the fact that the average empty nester increases his or her savings rate by only .3 to .7 percent when their kids leave home.[1]  That may not sound surprising as many people have put off desired purchases; that European vacation, … Continued

Determining a Retirement Savings Rate
Andy Reynolds

As we meet with new families each year we continually hear the same two questions: 1) are we making good decisions with the money we earn and 2) are we saving enough for retirement?  These questions are typical whether a person is 35 years old or 55 years old.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank … Continued

Testing the Challenges of a Long Retirement
John Boardman

We often joke that our job was created because of increasing life expectancies and pensions seldom being offered.  Obviously, finance and investing has become more complicated and there are an ever-increasing number of investment vehicles and planning strategies we help our clients choose between.  We also know there is great value placed in our ability … Continued