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Should we be scared by all-time market highs?
John Boardman

The short answer is No.   We have noticed some amount of “concern” in clients when markets and/or their accounts reach all-time highs.   The old adage of “Buy low, Sell high” would seem to fly in the face of investing at all-time highs.   It is also very natural for investors, who have achieved a new, higher … Continued

Social Security Income: Not-So-Simple Basics
Andy Reynolds

Key Takeaways: Delaying Social Security income past Full Retirement Age to age 70 will result in a higher annual payment. The Social Security statement makes the assumption that one continues their current earnings rate until the age of projection.  Retiring prior to this age but delaying SSA payments will likely result in a smaller amount. … Continued

Looking Forward to the Second Half of 2019
Brian Burton

If there’s one lesson to be learned from markets so far in 2019 it is to look beyond the noise, headlines and temporary gyrations, and instead focus on the longer-term outlook using fundamentals to help guide investment decisions.  Think back to late 2018 when the headlines read, “Hawkish Fed Pushing U.S. Economy into Recession”, and … Continued