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GameStop and the Rise of Meme Trading
Brian Burton

Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook all reported earnings last week and somehow the results were buried behind article after article on a video game retailer involved in two industries on life support, selling discs and mall stores.  So why all the hype for a company with revenues down 45% over the last decade and whose profits … Continued

The Ballast Life Episode #15: Advocate Roundtable – January 22, 2021
Ballast Advocates

In this episode of The Ballast Life Podcast, the Ballast advocates sat down to share their thoughts on 2020 with the benefit of hindsight, as well as potential head/tailwinds the markets may experience as 2021 marches along.   Links to The Ballast Life Podcast Listen on Apple Podcasts: Listen on Spotify: Listen in browser: IMPORTANT … Continued

Takeaways from the Pandemic Relief Bill
Cameron Hamilton

Stimulus checks have been delivered based on 2019 tax returns, $600/person Business owners should review their ability to claim an Employee Retention Credit Unemployment adds $300/week extra to Mar 14; eviction moratorium now to Jan 31 The most overused word of 2020 was unprecedented.  Congress was anything but when it went down to the wire … Continued