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Episode 9: Dr. Tom Goldsby, Supply Chain Expert
Andy Reynolds

Earlier this week, Andy Reynolds, our COO and a Financial Advocate, sat down with Dr. Tom Goldsby, a global leader in supply chain management and logistics.  Hear their conversation about the current status of our supply chain disruptions, the supply chain reliance on China and other countries, and what the future may bring.  You can … Continued

Key Takeaways from Fed Chair Powell’s 60 Minutes Interview
Brian Burton

In a speech last Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, spooked markets when he warned that the economic recovery will be “prolonged and bumpy”.  Although Powell’s forecast for a prolonged recovery should have come as no surprise, the S&P closed down 2.26% for the week, its worst week since March 20 when the index lost … Continued

Friday’s Job Report exposes “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
John Boardman

Over this past weekend, I was “debating” with my 10-year-old son, Henry, about his desire to watch the above-referenced 1966 Clint Eastwood western classic.  Long story short, he saw his Grandfather watching it and is convinced it is time for him to partake.  (On a side note and after a quick search, the “scariness, violence, … Continued