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Fed Debate Turning to Asset Prices
John Boardman

When the Federal Reserve set out on its experimental path to stimulate economic growth and normalized inflation at the height of the financial crisis, the presumed focus was on the historically utilized indices to measure economic health: Gross Domestic Product and the Consumer Price Index, respectively.  Now, some eight years later, the Fed discussion appears … Continued

Understanding the Risk-Return Profile of your Portfolio
Brian Burton

We’ve all been to dinner parties or other social gatherings where we’ve overheard someone crowing about their investment portfolio beating the market.  That’s great, who doesn’t want to outperform the market, but what many fail to consider is that with high returns could come a disproportionate amount of risk.  An all too common theme for … Continued

Markets and Surprises
Andy Reynolds

With Labor Day now behind us, vacations completed, and children back in school, many people start to think about the upcoming fall and winter this time of year.  Investors are not different.  During the summer, trading days are light and fewer traders are trying to make big swings.  However, now with the chapter turned, we … Continued