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The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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What Makes People Happy in Retirement?
Andy Reynolds

As financial advocates and planners, we are typically the first to learn of a potential retirement.  Most clients want to know if they are going to have enough money during retirement and how they will make their nest egg last for potentially 30+ years.  This is our area of expertise and we pride ourselves in … Continued

Two Classic Social Security Strategies Being Retired
Cameron Hamilton

Key Takeaways: Americans turning 66 in 2019 should consider the Restricted Application strategy The File and Suspend strategy has been eliminated as an option for new applicants These and potential future Social Security reforms are controlled by Congress.   Social Security is the biggest source of retirement income in our country.  In 2015, 34% of … Continued

Paying to Lend – $13 Trillion in Negative-Yielding Bonds
Brian Burton

With nearly 20% of the global government bond market yielding negative interest rates, the question everyone wants answered is, who in their right mind is buying this stuff?  Investors in these bonds are paying more for them than they will ever receive back in interest and principal if they are held to maturity.  Zero return … Continued