Since our founding, our vision remains steadfast: build a team that we would want to take care of our own families.
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The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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Review Your Benefits as You Progress Through Life
Frank Yozwiak

Key Takeaways: Workers born between 1957 and 1964 changed jobs an average of once every two-and-a-half years and had an average of 11.7 jobs between ages 18 to 48. If you have employer-provided life insurance, you may have the option to take the policy with you if you leave your job, but the premiums will … Continued

Healthcare Is Now an Annual Decision
Cameron Hamilton

Key Takeaways: Medicare Advantage & Medigap Plans are Private Insurance Offerings ACA Marketplace Plans Can Change in Your Zip Code Each Year Everyone Without Employer-Provided Health Insurance Needs to Shop Each Year   Halloween candy is on clearance and Christmas decorations are front and center, but aren’t we forgetting an important holiday?  No, not Thanksgiving; … Continued

Evaluation of a Job Offer
Andy Reynolds

Key Takeaways – When reviewing an opportunity to take a new job or leave a W2 salary to start a business, the following considerations must be made.   What are all the aspects of my compensation package? This includes salary and other benefits such as insurance, retirement, and other fringe benefits. Most health insurance policies … Continued