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Counteract Inflation with Your Financial Assets
Frank Yozwiak

Key Takeaways Inflation in October 2021 was 6.2%, the highest in nearly 30-years. From 1914 to 2021, average inflation in the U.S. has been around 3.2% and the average return of the market (i.e., S&P 500) has been around 10-11%. While not without risks, investing in equities is a tested long-term hedge against inflation.   … Continued

End of Year Financial Planning
Andy Reynolds

As we officially enter the month of November, it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  Hopefully, this year brings back the celebration of holiday traditions and family gatherings.  However, before the sugarplums start dancing, we need to stay diligent and focus on year-end planning to ensure we are making sound … Continued

The Complicated Calculations of College Costs
Cameron Hamilton

Parents of college-bound students are dealing with a chicken-or-egg dilemma.  When it comes to student aid calculations, it just about requires a Ph.D. to understand how to fund a Ph.D.  Different schools use different methods to evaluate different families, and when they get the results, they interpret them differently!  Let’s wade into the wishy-washy world … Continued