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Trusts as Estate Planning Tools
Brian Burton

A trust allows the grantor to put conditions on how certain assets are distributed It is important to understand the critical distinctions between revocable and irrevocable trusts The SECURE Act might disrupt the estate planning many have done with their retirement accounts The topic of estate planning is one that many would like to avoid … Continued

Credit Data Points to Haves & Have-Nots
Cameron Hamilton

Low mortgage defaults and home equity loans point to strong home ownership Student and auto debt are experiencing increasing default rates Delinquency after-market highs points to lack of market participation We are constantly evaluating data to evaluate the state of our economy and markets, and it’s difficult.  Very rarely do all the lights flash green; … Continued

Demystifying Probate
Andy Reynolds

While going through probate may appear daunting and overwhelming, with proper guidance, the process can be quite easy. There are common positives to go through probate, such as a shorter period during which a creditor can make a claim on a deceased person’s estate. Avoiding probate can help provide privacy to a deceased person’s estate … Continued