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Insight into Fixed Income & Timing of Social Security
Andy Reynolds

When entering retirement, the question of how to structure income can be the most influential factor in determining a family’s long-term financial well-being.  Several factors such as income source, inflation, and sequence of returns present risks and opportunities for retirees.  Today’s Atheneum discusses how we might explore retirement income with John and Jane Smith.  They … Continued

Toilet Paper… and Pork?
Frank Yozwiak

A little over a year ago, in March 2020, life as we then knew it was drastically changed.  Many of those who were fortunate enough to remain employed found themselves working at home for the first time.  March Madness was cancelled, Disney World closed its gates, and toilet paper seemed to rank highly among the … Continued

How Will A Bear Market Affect Your Plan?
John Boardman

In this week’s edition of the Ballast Atheneum, I am going to explore a subject no one wants to see but we all must prepare for; Will my portfolio survive a bear market?  Fortunately, we can use some of our technology tools, specifically, Monte Carlo analysis to determine how prepared a client is for a … Continued