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Managing a Household Allocation
Cameron Hamilton

One of our mantras in planning is to “Know What You Own.”  Peter Lynch popularized this term during his management of a Fidelity mutual fund in the 1980’s, and we think it applies to more than just investments.  Your home, your health insurance, your business, and yes, your investments each have features, risks, and opportunities … Continued

How to Teach Your Children About Money
Cameron Hamilton

Simone Biles is an American gymnast famous for leading the “Final Five” to gold in the 2016 Olympics.  She owns four Olympic gold medals and was All-Around World Champion four years straight from age 16-19.  Her early success is even more impressive given her training began at age six, late for an Olympic gymnast.  Most … Continued

The Importance of Asset Allocation and Diversification
Brian Burton

Not only has recent market volatility resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors, it has also been a stern reminder of the value of having a proper mix of assets in your portfolio.  The concepts of asset allocation and diversification can be traced all the way back to a 4th century text, the Babylonian Talmud, … Continued