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Conversational Commerce – AI for Shopping
Andy Reynolds

Over the past several years, technology has revolutionized the shopping experience.  Many are quick to acknowledge the ever-growing shift from brick and mortar stores to online commerce.  But few realize just how much artificial intelligence goes into attracting the consumer to a potential sale.  We have recently been following a trend referred to as a … Continued

The Hidden Benefits of Saving Early in Life
Brian Burton

We’re all aware that saving for retirement is not a strong suit for many Americans.  There is no end to the alarming statistics regarding our lack of preparedness for when it’s finally time to call it a day.  The most recent head-scratcher I came across was a survey done by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and … Continued

Endowments & the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Program
Frank Yozwiak

Boston and Philadelphia, 1790 – Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States, got the idea to create an endowment for his native city of Boston, and his adopted home, Philadelphia.  In a codicil to his Will, Franklin left 1,000 pounds (roughly $4,400 at the time) to each endowment, on the condition that each … Continued