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Giving Strategy for Charity Gala Season
Cameron Hamilton

Fewer than 15% of taxpayers itemize deductions since 2018 tax reform. Timing the donations you already plan to make can maximize tax deductions. Your charities can still receive stable monthly income via a Donor Advised Fund. This week marks the first official week of summer and, at least for my family, this change of season … Continued

The Hidden Benefits of Saving Early in Life
Brian Burton

We’re all aware that saving for retirement is not a strong suit for many Americans.  There is no end to the alarming statistics regarding our lack of preparedness for when it’s finally time to call it a day.  The most recent head-scratcher I came across was a survey done by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and … Continued

Interest Rates & Inflation
Andy Reynolds

Over the past decade, the Federal Reserve has been pushing for modestly higher interest rates and inflation.  To anyone following the markets or economic news, this statement is nothing new to hear.  However, with higher inflation starting to build momentum, an economy that is beginning to stand on its own, and the potential of a US government … Continued