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Santa Rally Bringing Dow 20,000?
Andy Reynolds

One of the most positive aspects out of the recent election is the goal to revive the middle class through improved jobs, optimism, and quality of life.  No matter the political affiliation, both sides recognize that the middle class is the core of our economy; it is what has distinguished our nation into what it … Continued

It Takes Luck to Stand Out
Cameron Hamilton

What do NFL kickers and mutual fund managers have in common?  Asking this question to friends and colleagues yielded some interesting responses: both have big egos, are overpaid, and the only time you learn one’s name is when something went wrong!  My answer is that in both jobs, thanks to increased competition, it has become … Continued

Markets and Interest Rates Move Higher in Wake of Trump Win
John Boardman

We have been predicting higher interest rates at some time in the coming months or years.  Of all of the possible circumstances that could possibly cause such a move, a win by Donald Trump was not on the radar of probable reasons.  Over the last several years, US interest rates have usually drifted lower in … Continued