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Cash Flow Auto-Pilot
Andy Reynolds

During this quarter, our Ballast Atheneum has focused on many aspects of cash flow planning, including: budgeting, retirement savings vs. paying down debt, costs of vehicle ownership, and cash flow planning vs. long-term care.  This week’s Atheneum article shares a case study that we try to create for working clients.  We have implemented this Retirement … Continued

Making Better Financial Decisions in the Face of Market Adversity
Brian Burton

February’s sudden and sharp stock market correction shocked capital markets, sending many retail investors out of stocks and onto the sidelines.  For the week ending February 7, U.S. stock funds saw a record $23.9 billion withdrawn by investors in favor of perceived safe havens.¹  What is defined as a drop of 10% or more from … Continued

Cash Flow Planning and Long Term Care
John Boardman

One of the most challenging planning areas for us as practitioners is Long Term Care.  In principle, it should be easy to universally recommend everyone go out and buy a Long Term Care policy that pays for skilled nursing needs at the end of their life.  However, we have found planning in this area to … Continued