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“Cash is King” Mentality Hurting Inflationary Cause
John Boardman

This past week, I had a client refinance a mortgage at 3.5% fixed for thirty years.   Interestingly, this same client locked in a rate at 4.00% three years ago when she bought the home.   I remember our conversation at the time around the purchase and thinking to myself, “there is no way rates get any … Continued

Back to School Money Lessons for Your College Bound Children
Brian Burton

As the nearly 21 million students in the United States prepare to go off to college, many new life lessons are on the horizon, one of which will be the student’s ability to manage his/her own finances.  The significance of sending your kid off to college with at least a basic knowledge of personal finance … Continued

Roth IRA Money
Andy Reynolds

Over the past several months, I have had multiple conversations with clients about the benefits of Roth IRA money.  While most agree that Roth IRA money makes complete sense, I hear multiple responses about why one does not have Roth money: “I am ineligible because of my income” or “I cannot afford it” or “I … Continued