Since our founding, our vision remains steadfast: build a team that we would want to take care of our own families.
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We believe the best work is done through collaboration. Within our team, with our clients. Principles in practice together.

The Ballast Experience is the continuous refinement of a personalized financial map.
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The Cost of a Spent Dollar – What Could an Investment Have Become Through the Years
Frank Yozwiak

As we discuss retirement savings, one aspect that is worthy of consideration is the weighing of alternatives.  Hindsight is always 20/20, but let’s consider the cost of a spent dollar throughout the years.  Essentially, if you had $X in a given year, what is something that you could have purchased during that year compared to … Continued

Personalized Use of Health Savings Accounts
Cameron Hamilton

We are becoming more convinced with each passing year and each interaction that the behavioral side of financial planning is just as important as the hard numbers.  We have the best results in pursuing impactful, long-term solutions when we can personalize our advice to a family’s specific needs.  One example of this is how we’ve … Continued

Finding the Best Order for Funding Retirement
Brian Burton

With a task as important as funding your retirement, determining which accounts to fund and in what order should not be taken lightly.  Whether it’s a company plan, individual retirement account or taxable account, there are a lot of ways to save for retirement.  So how do you decide where to put each dollar you … Continued