The Latest on Inflation/Rates and Where We Go from Here

Without question, over the past year, the most common topic we have discussed with clients is inflation and rates.  Whether you are in retirement, peak accumulation years, or just starting out, inflation has impacted everyone… from raised costs at the grocery store, to travel, to even attending a sporting event.  Fortunately, there are increasing signs […]

Evaluation of a Job Offer

Key Takeaways – The following considerations must be made when reviewing an opportunity to take a new job or leave a W2 salary to start a business. When we bring on a new client, one of the first commitments we make to them is to be another intelligent brain at the table, helping to evaluate […]

Pre-RMD & Social Security Roth Conversions

Key Takeaways: Retiring before age 70 is the norm in the United States.  While longevity continues to increase, the desire to retire later, work part-time in retirement or have a transitional job before retirement does not appeal to the masses.  From a financial advisor standpoint, this presents ample financial planning opportunities for retirees before they […]