Employers: Why should you offer employee benefits?

Key Takeaways: We have discussed at length the benefits that many employers may offer up and above salaries: retirement, insurance, pension, health savings plans, etc. These benefits can be very attractive to employees, with some simply seeking employment to obtain these benefits, like health insurance. This commentary changes the perspective. Let’s start to think about […]

Year-End Financial Planning & Investments Among Market Volatility

By: Andy Reynolds, CFP®, MBA COO/Partner – Ballast, Inc. With the recent stock market volatility, many investors have, and understandably so, buried their heads in the sand, shredding investment statements without looking and focusing outside of their financial life. While many choose to simply not look, the volatility provides significant opportunities for financial improvement, several of […]

Evaluation of a Job Offer

Key Takeaways – The following considerations must be made when reviewing an opportunity to take a new job or leave a W2 salary to start a business.   Nearly 93% of Americans earn income outside their primary job1. What are all the aspects of my compensation package?  This includes salary and other benefits such as […]