Cash Flow Planning and Long Term Care

One of the most challenging planning areas for us as practitioners is Long Term Care.  In principle, it should be easy to universally recommend everyone go out and buy a Long Term Care policy that pays for skilled nursing needs at the end of their life.  However, we have found planning in this area to […]

Silicon Valley Bank, Likely Implications, and Client Action

Friday morning started on a positive note.  Markets rejoiced with a favorable labor report showing wage inflation falling below expectations signaling that the Federal Reserve’s efforts to contain inflation may be working.  However, the New York Stock Exchange, before the market opened, announced that trading on Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) had been halted.  Two days […]

The Investor Taxation Lifecycle

We are not CPAs nor are we tax preparers, but a great deal of our time is spent working with clients and their professionals honing a financial plan that is tax efficient.  We advise our clients to hire a CPA with whom we can work together to manage their financial plans.  The financial plan and […]