(With Perspective) There Is Good in This Selloff

Madeline Flynn

Weekly Update

Yes, I said it; there are countless reasons to celebrate what we are and have been experiencing in the financial markets.  From a historical perspective, we believe the developments in this environment are constructive to a healthier economic and market environment in the future.  Let me count the ways:   1. The Market is FINALLY … Continued

Taxes in Retirement – Case Studies

Frank Yozwiak


Key Takeaways: Your sources of income will change, but you will still owe taxes in retirement. In general, your principal (or “cost basis”) will be returned to you tax-free. A diversified portfolio protects in down markets and provides flexibility when planning for taxes.     When you’ve spent your adult life working and saving, retirement … Continued

Market Volatility & Behavior Finance

Andy Reynolds

Weekly Update

  If you feel like the stock market has been all over the place recently, there is some merit behind the feeling. So far, during 2022 we have experienced 41 days where the S&P 500 has returned greater than a +/- 1% return. This represents approximately half of the trading days of the year so … Continued

The Investor Taxation Lifecycle

John Boardman


We are not CPAs nor are we tax preparers, but a great deal of our time is spent working with clients and their professionals honing a financial plan that is tax efficient.  We advise our clients to hire a CPA with whom we can work together to manage their financial plans.  The financial plan and … Continued

When Too Much Tax Deferral Becomes Counterproductive

Brian Burton


Click here to watch video in new window. Most of us have been told from early on in our careers to defer as much income as possible to ensure we’ll be properly prepared for retirement.  While not bad advice, most of these strategies involve only qualified deferrals, meaning all income tax gets punted until the … Continued

Give and Get: Qualified Charitable Distributions

Cameron Hamilton


Key Takeaways Tax reform has decreased the households who itemize to about 10% of taxpayers. Those who don’t itemize may not realize tax benefits from charitable donations. Qualified Charitable Distributions help donors above age 70 ½ realize a tax benefit. Donors younger than 70 ½ should consider the timing of their contributions. With Scottie Scheffler … Continued

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