Alternative Uses of Social Security Income

John Boardman


Key Takeaways:   Many unique situations could justify taking Social Security earlier. The psychological benefits of a new income stream can relieve anxiety around a new planning strategy. To take Social Security before age 70, the financial and non-financial benefits of claiming Social Security early should outweigh the benefits of deferral.     If you … Continued

Student Loan Forgiveness Best Practices

Frank Yozwiak


Key Takeaways: Federal student debt cancellation up to $10,000 ($20,000 for Pell grant recipients) Cancellation limited by income ($125,000 single, $250,000 for married couples) Limited PSLF Waiver ends October 31, 2022; review your eligibility     This past Wednesday, the President announced a student debt cancellation plan. Unfortunately for borrowers hopeful to log in to their … Continued

August 2022 Market Update


Weekly Update

Listen as John Boardman (Founder and CEO) and Andy Reynolds (COO and Partner) and Cameron Hamilton (Director of Financial Planning and Partner) discuss the current economic environment and share the conversations they’ve been having with clients. Additionally, they consider a few common questions and share our thoughts on the market, inflation, consumer confidence, the word recession, and economic outlook.     If you have … Continued

Most Couples Shouldn’t BOTH Delay Social Security

Cameron Hamilton


Key Takeaways: Two-income households have more complex Social Security timing decisions The higher-earning spouse generally benefits from delaying payments The lower-earning spouse generally benefits from starting payments early We’ve written a previous breakdown on the Social Security timing decision.  Briefly, between ages 62-70, if you delay taking income, your monthly benefit grows.  We discussed that … Continued

Putting a Value on Your Social Security Benefits

Brian Burton


Key Takeaways: Most retirees don’t think of Social Security as an asset and therefore exclude it from their balance sheet. The present value of Social Security payments over an average life expectancy can easily be several hundred thousand dollars. We can’t predict what will happen with Social Security down the road, so it is important … Continued

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