Charitable Estate Planning

Cameron Hamilton


Estate planning can achieve many goals, from simple to complex.  The foundations of good estate plans we have discussed thus far in our Atheneum articles make sure that a family has formalized their personal wishes to make for a graceful transition to the next generation.  Many families wish not only to provide for their next … Continued

The Benefits of a Simplified Estate Plan

Andy Reynolds


Thus far in the Estate Planning section of the Ballast Atheneum, we have discussed an introduction to estate planning, probate, trust planning, and planning for a legacy – all of these topics can be expanded upon significantly.  However, this week we thought it would be important to discuss simplifying an estate plan.  Most estate planners, … Continued

Risk Management in Estate Planning

John Boardman


When thinking about estate planning, most people think solely about how their assets will be distributed at their death.  Obviously, that is of primary concern but many of our clients’ estate plans encompass the often-neglected area of risk management.  In each of our lives, there are risks that must be considered and therefore planned around.  … Continued

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