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At Ballast, we are not just your financial consultants, we are your financial partners. Through our depth of experience and detailed advice, we strive to give you the tools and knowledge necessary so that you are prepared to make your financial goals a reality.

Because of this belief, the Ballast Advisors are excited to share with you a series of timely webinars and videos about current events and financial news, and host question-and-answer sessions. 

We are excited to host a series of timely webinars, educational videos, and Q&A sessions for our clients. Questions? Email or call (859) 226-0625.


Watch our videos below. Click here for our YouTube channel.

Market Recap + Outlook

 John Boardman, CFP®, Founder and CEO, Andy Reynolds, CFP®, MBA, Partner, COO, sat down in early January to give a brief recap on the markets in 2022 and what we can anticipate in 2023. 

December 2022 Market Update

During the Ballast Open House in December, the advisors led a brief market update and economic discussion for those in attendance.


This video was recorded live in the Ballast Conference Room with a full audience. Listen as they share current market conditions, financial planning strategies, and updates.


Advisors: John Boardman, CFP®, Founder and CEO, Andy Reynolds, CFP®, MBA, Partner, COO, Cameron Hamilton, CFP®, MBA, Partner, Director of Financial Planning, Brian Burton, CFP®, Partner, Director of Portfolio Strategy, Frank Yozwiak, CFP®, J.D., LL.M., Director of Estate Planning and Tax.

October 2022 Market Update

John Boardman (Founder and CEO) and Andy Reynolds(COO and Partner) discuss some of the factors at play in this market environment, how we address those as an advisory firm, and share some of the conversations they’ve been having with clients.


Check out the video for the full discussion.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 859-226-0625 or

August 2022 Market Update

John Boardman (Founder and CEO), Andy Reynolds (Partner, COO), and Cameron Hamilton (Partner, Director of Financial Planning) sit down to discuss the current market environment and financial news in August 2022.


June 2022 Market Update

Listen as John Boardman (Founder and CEO) and Andy Reynolds (COO and Partner) discuss the current market environment. Additionally, John and Andy consider a few common questions and share their thoughts on the cyclical market, inflation, portfolio management, raised rates, and economic outlook.

Webinar #3: Top 10 Personal Finance Best Practices

As more investors seek out and embrace personalized asset management and individualized financial advice, industry tycoons Vanguard and Russell Investments researched the value created by professional advice. Both companies measured the impact on investor returns when partnering with an advisor who provides skilled management and guidance. Read the top 10 tips here.

Webinar #2: The Ballast Roth Manifesto - Why We Believe Roth is for the 99% and the 1%

To start the year, we wanted to focus additional attention on Roth retirement dollars. There is a great deal of misinformation about the usefulness and impact of Roth, so we decided to construct and have attached our whitepaper titled “The Ballast Roth Manifesto: Why We Believe Roth is for the 99% AND the 1%.”Our hope is to shed new light on a topic where we believe many more people could benefit. Read the full whitepaper article here.

Webinar #1: Stock Market Bubbles

In coordination with our recently written article, “Stock Market Bubbles are Inevitable – Are You Prepared?” our advisors sat down to discuss what is an asset bubble, and how to best be prepared with your financial plan. Watch below!

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