Our Team

As an independent, employee-owned firm, our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the best financial planning, investment management, and service. Our goal is to provide a balanced and purposeful perspective on financial planning and wealth management.

Our goal is to provide a balanced and purposeful perspective on wealth management. We guide with honed expertise, responsible stewardship, and steady refinement to make an impact across generations.

Our Philosophy

From the beginning, we have built our firm with one simple, guiding principle: build a company that we would want to take care of our own families as if we were the client. To accomplish this goal, it starts and ends with high-character, ethical people who believe in our client-focused approach.

Financial Advocates

Our Core Values

Accountability Partner

We serve as your accountability partner to ensure you are steadfast towards your financial goals. We work together to make your goals a reality, guiding you through some of the most important financial planning steps and encouraging you to live fully. We provide guidance on the most important aspects of sound financial planning to ensure you can adapt and adjust as necessary.

Problem Solvers

In a dynamic and ever-changing industry, our team of expert financial advisors goes beyond simply meeting your needs, but proactively anticipating and solving them. Our financial consultants can help you navigate complex financial matters.

Civically Involved

The Ballast team is composed of dedicated, active members of the community. As dedicated board members, committee members, boards, and trustees of various organizations, we share our knowledge and learn from those in our community.

Team-Based Approach

Our financial advisors work together to ensure the best outcome for you. We combine the unique perspectives and expertise of each team member to develop the best strategy. We collaborate with other professionals on your behalf, forging relationships with tax, legal, and insurance advisors to find the best solution for your needs.

Clients First

As fiduciaries, we are committed to always putting your best interests first, with the highest standards of care. We are inspired by your trust and are motivated to help you achieve peace and comfort in your financial life. The Ballast experience is centered on a holistic approach, providing you with continuous refinement and accountability, so you can meet your goals.

Thought Leaders

As life-long learners, we provide clients with in-depth knowledge and expert financial advice through consultations, articles, and webinars, written by our advisors. Our financial advisors go beyond advising by offering innovative ideas and sophisticated solutions to complex needs in your life.

Proactive Guidance

Through transparent and honest relationships with you, we proactively pursue ways to prevent and solve problems, easing worry in your financial life. With a financial strategy in place, our expert advisors continually refine your plan, providing consistent monitoring, oversight, and accountability throughout.