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Our first conversation will be just that – a conversation. We want to learn about your goals, your passions and what truly matters to you. 



We Do Financial Planning Differently

Through intentionality and proactivity we strive to exceed any expectations you have of this industry. Whether you have worked with an advisor previously, or are new to the process– once you start working with us, you will know you are in the right hands.

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Yes.  Legally we are held to the highest standard of client care.  Ethically and morally, we hold ourselves to an even higher standard of client service.

The Ballast difference is a commitment to…

  • Being our clients’ Personal CFO with thorough accountability, leadership, and stewardship.
  • Providing advice built from a foundational knowledge and understanding of our client’s goals, fears, emotions, etc.
  • Proactive guidance with anticipation of a client’s needs and wishes.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of financial concepts in all disciplines related to clients’ finances.
  • Problem-solving and solution-finding to even the most challenging issues/opportunities. 
  • Investment management resulting from a financial plan, rather than cookie-cutter portfolios.
  • A commitment to non-proprietary funds, custodians, and vendors – allowing best-in-class solutions across all aspects of our services to clients.

Nothing. Our first conversation will be just that – a conversation. We want to learn about you as a person first, then we will talk numbers later.

We are adding new clients who we believe we can create value for. Our niche clientele includes…

  • High Net Worth & Ultra High Net Worth Families and Individuals Who have Accumulated Assets
  • People in Need of Guidance to a Financial Challenge/Opportunity
  • Business Owners
  • Medical Professionals
  • Nonprofits & Charities

When done correctly, we believe that proper financial planning is a living and breathing process. We can’t solve or meet your financial goals overnight. We look at you and your goals holistically and will help lead you down the path yet to be laid. 


Absolutely not. We find the best solutions for our clients in all aspects of our business and are agnostic to specific companies, fund families, custodians, or vendors.

We understand that spouses sometimes have differing goals. We help couples find a middle ground on the same path, while rationally discussing potential outcomes of decisions being considered.