Carole Simpson

Executive Assistant + Director of First Impressions

Carole Simpson joined Ballast as the Director of First Impressions in June 2024 and brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality to her role. Born in Jackson, KY, Carole has spent most of her life in Lexington, where she has established herself as a seasoned professional with nearly three decades of experience in executive assistance, team building, and event planning.

Carole’s journey into the corporate world began after attending Lexington Community College (LCC) and furthering her education through numerous leadership courses and professional administration seminars. Her career spans over 14 years at Thomas & King, Inc., and an equally impactful tenure at Lexmark.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Carole has volunteered with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, having contributed to the construction of 10 homes, and supports causes including God’s Pantry, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Susan B Komen Foundation, United Way, and the Heart Association.

She cherishes time spent with her family and friends, whether exploring new travel destinations, domestically and internationally, immersing herself in the arts through music and theater, or indulging in culinary adventures at new eateries.  Carole finds joy in hosting intimate gatherings and decorating her home.

In her free time, Carole enjoys evening walks in her neighborhood and dreams of future hobbies like pickleball and golf. Her favorite activity, however, remains a walk on the beach at dawn.

Carole Simpson headshot