College Savings

With America’s student loan debt growing larger every year, saving for college is on the minds of many of our clients. Whether you want to help pay for some of all of college, you likely want to do it as efficiently as possible. Which savings vehicle is best for me? How much do I need […]

Educating Heirs on Student Debt

One of my favorite television shows is Shark Tank, which shows aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business plans to seasoned investors, the “sharks,” in hopes of an investment.  The sharks use their own money to invest, so they ask tough questions to help evaluate the business’s potential.  Have they demonstrated sales?  How much does it cost […]

How Much to Save for College

Will your child wow you with a 4.0 GPA in high school or do they believe C’s get degrees?   Are their sights set on private colleges in expensive cities or the public university up the road?  Do they know their path, or will they meander through three majors over six years?  If you know the […]