Why Are Kids So Expensive These Days?

We’re often invited to speak to student groups about financial planning and I like to end with a few pieces of advice that apply to almost everyone, including a list of the biggest financial mistakes someone can make. Number one on that list is having children, which always solicits a few chuckles when we speak […]

The Similarities Between Running and Saving

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu   It’s race season. With the Bluegrass 10k and other races in Lexington approaching, there has been much discussion about training and running plans in the office. This recent talk about running made me realize that achieving a financial goal is […]

Retirement Savings

The Ballast Atheneum is a collection of our thoughts on the twelve most important topics in financial planning. Today, the focus is on Insurance. A fundamental job of a financial planner is to assist clients with retirement savings. How much do you need to save? Which account types should you use? Given multiple options, where […]