Putting a Value on Your Social Security Benefits

Key Takeaways: As a child, getting to check the mailbox each day was likely an experience filled with joy. You were likely hopeful that just one piece of mail would have your name on it.  Fast forward a few years, and that excitement has been replaced by reluctance.  We all know what lies waiting.  With […]

Most Couples Shouldn’t BOTH Delay Social Security

Key Takeaways: We’ve written a previous breakdown on the Social Security timing decision.  Briefly, between ages 62-70, if you delay taking income, your monthly benefit grows.  We discussed that delaying increased payments can be a winning strategy and that it is easy to calculate a break-even age when making this decision.  However, the same math that says […]

Should Business Owners Raise Their Salary to Earn More Social Security?

Key Takeaways: Lower taxes are better, right?  We spend a great deal of time planning around the tax code to help people accomplish their goals in the most tax-efficient manner.  However, lowering taxes today often has consequences down the road.  Sometimes there is a clear mathematical break-even, and other times a complex web of behavioral […]