Cameron Hamilton, CFP®, MBA, CPWA®

Director of Financial Planning / Financial Advocate

“The people I work with lead complicated lives. I enjoy finding elegant solutions that ease worry in their financial lives so they can live well.”

Cameron is a problem-solver.  His favorite book growing up was The Way Things Work, which showed how complicated systems are composed of simple machines.  His analytical bent helps him seek out the root of the problem, whether he’s helping a client make a complex decision or perfecting his BBQ ribs recipe.

At UK’s Gatton College, Cameron earned a Master of Business Administration, developing the tools to advise business owners and act as Personal CFO for individuals & families.  He continued his training by becoming a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner).  At Ballast, Cameron enjoys making relationships with the families he serves and watching them thrive.   He looks at decision-making through a behavioral finance lens and distills high-level planning strategies into common-sense action steps.   His clients know they are on track to reaching their goals and feel empowered to use their resources to live out their values.

As Director of Financial Planning at Ballast, Cameron leads the research and implementation of high-level planning strategies for the families we serve.  He has a passion for sharing this knowledge and conceptualized a path to help Protect, Plan, and Prosper, which we have published as our three-volume Atheneum series.  He regularly shares his wisdom on planning and personal finance with student groups & professional organizations as a guest speaker.

Cameron enjoys cycling, hiking, and cooking with his wife, Christie, and daughter Ruby.   Outside of family, he spends time on community passions like the cross-country nonprofit bicycle ride Bike4Alz which he helped found in 2010, and settling refugee families in our community as a volunteer with Kentucky Refugee Ministries.


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