Is Bad News in the Economy Actually Good News for Markets?

The notion of a slowing economy equating to rising stock prices qualifies as counterintuitive, but that is exactly what we’ve seen over the last few months.  Typically, positive stock market performance is aligned with strong economic growth, as seen in the chart below.  This makes sense as GDP growth means individual companies are producing more, […]

The Markets & Economy – A Diverging Narrative

With the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both entering “Correction Territory,” the media has once again focused its attention on markets and everyone’s best prediction on when or if a looming recession may be coming.  For the majority scratching their heads right now, a “correction” is simply defined as an index decline of 10% or more […]

Fed Rates, Inflation, Yields

What a difference a couple of years makes.  Even the casual fan has likely heard the talk about interest rates and felt inflation during these past twenty-four months.  Two years ago, in February 2021, the Federal Funds target rate was 0 – 0.25%.  It remained there until just over a year ago in March 2022.  […]