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Team Ballast
Portfolio Rebalancing
Below are our key conclusions when considering rebalancing as part of an overall investment management: Developing asset allocation...
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The Cost of a Spent Dollar – What Could an Investment Have Become Through the Years
As we discuss retirement savings, one aspect that is worthy of consideration is the weighing of alternatives.  Hindsight is always...
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Balancing Saving and Giving
Most of our clients aspire to be financially self-sufficient.  As those clients age, we notice some amount of transition into...
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Finding the Best Order for Funding Retirement
With a task as important as funding your retirement, determining which accounts to fund and in what order should not be taken...
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Positive Signs of a Growing Economy
Key Takeaways: Publicly traded companies will be releasing earnings reports over the next several weeks. Economists believe...
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Determining a Retirement Savings Rate
As we meet with new families, we continually hear the same two questions: 1) are we making good decisions with the money we earn...
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Upcoming Child Tax Credit Checks: Not Free Money
Max Child Tax Credit now $3,600/child under 6; $3,000 ages 6-17 Even high-income families will receive 50% advances on these credits Advance...
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Testing the Challenges of a Long Retirement
We often joke that our job was created because of increasing life expectancies and pensions seldom being offered.  Obviously,...
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Giving Strategy for Charity Gala Season
Fewer than 15% of taxpayers itemize deductions since 2018 tax reform. Timing the donations you already plan to make can maximize...
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The Hidden Benefits of Saving Early in Life
We’re all aware that saving for retirement is not a strong suit for many Americans.  There is no end to the alarming statistics...
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