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Team Ballast
The Complicated Calculations of College Costs
Parents of college-bound students are dealing with a chicken-or-egg dilemma.  When it comes to student aid calculations,...
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Getting Creative with College Funding
In our previous discussions about college planning, we’ve discussed where and how much to save while acknowledging that these...
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Determining a Retirement Savings Rate
As we meet with new families, we continually hear the same two questions: 1) are we making good decisions with the money we earn,...
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Finding the Best Order for Funding Retirement
With a task as important as funding your retirement, determining which accounts to fund and in what order should not be taken...
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Balancing Saving and Giving
Most of our clients aspire to be financially self-sufficient.  As those clients age, we notice some amount of transition...
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The Cost of a Spent Dollar – What Could an Investment Have Become Through the Years
As we discuss retirement savings, one aspect that is worthy of consideration is the weighing of alternatives.  Hindsight...
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Retirement Saving Myths and Misconceptions
We are fortunate to have a very educated and knowledgeable client base, but we are consistently surprised by the myths and misconceptions...
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How Much is Enough – An Intro to Monte Carlo Simulations
When it comes to retirement planning, one of the most often asked questions is, “What’s my number?”  In other words, how...
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How Will A Bear Market Affect Your Plan?
In this week’s edition of the Ballast Atheneum, I am going to explore a subject no one wants to see but we all must prepare for;...
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Insight into Fixed Income & Timing of Social Security
When entering retirement, the question of how to structure income can be the most influential factor in determining a family’s...
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The Grey Area of Paying Off a Mortgage Early
A key question that soon-to-be retirees often face is whether or not to eliminate a debt before retirement.  Generally, we...
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The Hidden Benefits of Saving Early in Life
We’re all aware that saving for retirement is not a strong suit for many Americans.  There is no end to the alarming statistics...
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