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John Boardman
Team Ballast
Life Insurance – Protecting Against the Unexpected
Coming in at number two (just behind estate planning) on the list of dreaded-but-necessary financial to-do’s is life insurance,...
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Risk Management in Estate Planning
When thinking about estate planning, most people think solely about how their assets will be distributed at their death. ...
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The Benefits of a Simplified Estate Plan
Thus far in the Estate Planning section of the Ballast Atheneum, we have discussed an introduction to estate planning, probate,...
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Charitable Estate Planning
Estate planning can achieve many goals, from simple to complex.  The foundations of good estate plans we have discussed thus...
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Trusts as Estate Planning Tools
A trust allows the grantor to put conditions on how certain assets are distributed It is important to understand the critical...
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Demystifying Probate
While going through probate may appear daunting and overwhelming, with proper guidance, the process can be quite easy. There...
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What Comprises A Sound Estate Plan?
There is no more important aspect to your financial plan than an estate plan.  That might seem to be a shocking statement...
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Retirement Savings
One of the most fundamental jobs of the financial planner is to assist our clients with retirement savings. How much do you need...
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The Latest on Inflation/Rates and Where We Go from Here
Without question, over the past year, the most common topic we have discussed with clients is inflation and rates.  Whether you...
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Mid-Year Market Update with John, Andy, and Brian
John Boardman (CEO/Founder), Andy Reynolds (COO/Partner), and Brian Burton (Director of Portfolio Strategy) sat down to discuss...
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Most Couples Shouldn’t BOTH Delay Social Security
Key Takeaways: Two-income households have more complex Social Security timing decisions The higher-earning spouse generally...
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Evaluation of a Job Offer
Key Takeaways – The following considerations must be made when reviewing an opportunity to take a new job or leave a W2 salary...
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