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Evaluating a Pension Buyout
Key Takeaways:   Calculating the “hurdle rate” of return is an important first step in determining whether staying in the pension...
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Year-End Financial Planning & Investments Among Market Volatility
By: Andy Reynolds, CFP®, MBA COO/Partner – Ballast, Inc. With the recent stock market volatility, many investors have, and understandably...
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The Investor Taxation Lifecycle
We are not CPAs nor are we tax preparers, but a great deal of our time is spent working with clients and their professionals honing...
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Zero-Based Budgeting for Individuals and Households
Key Takeaways: In Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB), you start your budget from zero, then only add in what is truly needed. ZBB is...
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Corporate Strategy: Trick or Treat?
Corporate strategies can tell opposing stories about a firm’s future   Key Takeaways: Earnings season has seen growth companies...
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Evaluation of a Job Offer
Key Takeaways – The following considerations must be made when reviewing an opportunity to take a new job or leave a W2...
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The Driving Forces Behind the Closely Watched Consumer Price Index (CPI)
By: Brian Burton, CFP®   Key Takeaways: CPI is the average change in the prices paid by consumers for a basket of goods...
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Employee Stock Ownership & Options
Key Takeaways:   Company stock plans & stock options have many customizable details Employees should understand their...
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October Market Update
This week, John Boardman (Founder and CEO) and Andy Reynolds (COO and Partner) sat down to discuss some of the factors at play...
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Cash Flow Autopilot
The Ballast Atheneum has focused on many aspects of cash flow planning, including budgeting, retirement savings vs. paying down...
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Should Business Owners Raise Their Salary to Earn More Social Security?
Key Takeaways: Pass-through entity owners can choose to take profits as wages or distributions Increasing owner salary raises...
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Alternative Uses of Social Security Income
Key Takeaways:   Many unique situations could justify taking Social Security earlier. The psychological benefits of a...
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