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Simplify Budgeting to One Key Number
“Where does the money go?” is a question we, unfortunately, hear all too often when discussing budgeting and cash flow. ...
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Cash Flow Autopilot
The Ballast Atheneum has focused on many aspects of cash flow planning, including budgeting, retirement savings vs. paying down...
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Cash Flow Planning and Long Term Care
One of the most challenging planning areas for us as practitioners is Long Term Care.  In principle, it should be easy to...
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The Forgotten Costs of Car Ownership
Key Takeaways: The average cost to own and operate a new vehicle in 2020 was $9,561. Cars tend to lose around 15–25% of their...
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Paying Down Debt vs. Saving for Retirement
Here is one we hear all the time – “How can I save for retirement with all of these monthly debt payments?”  For what is...
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Cash Flow – The “B” Word
For many individuals, families, and even companies, the infamous “B” word causes undo stress, and anxiety, and at times, can even...
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Student Debt Options for Graduates
Although a minority of our clients have student debt, those that do not almost always have children or grandchildren planning...
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The Flexibility of Being Debt-Free
In our previous Atheneum commentaries on debt we’ve covered a myriad of topics including, good vs. bad debt, prioritizing debt...
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Second Mortgage Planning Strategies
Home Equity Loan vs. Home Equity Line of Credit For many households in America, the equity built in their home is one of their...
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Early Mortgage Payoff
Although we spend a large majority of our time planning our clients’ investment portfolios, we believe advising on the entire...
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Prioritizing Debt Payoff
Key Takeaways: Living within your means is a prerequisite to being able to pay down debt Tackling small debts first can establish...
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When is Debt OK and When is it Not?
Although it’s not always obvious, most debts can be defined as either positive or negative for your overall financial situation Not...
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