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Social Security: Whether to Wait to Start Taking Retirement Benefits
Key Takeaways: You could be facing up to a 30% reduction in your PIA by taking Social Security retirement benefits at age 62. By...
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Social Security Income: Not-So-Simple Basics
  When I first started writing this article, my introductory sentence was “Social Security on the surface is a very simple...
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Educating Your Next Generation
Key Takeaways: Our most successful planning relationships are those in which we work with our client’s other professional advisors...
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June Market Update
Listen as John Boardman (Founder and CEO) and Andy Reynolds (COO and Partner) discuss the current market environment. Additionally,...
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Markets Finally Believe Fed is Serious about Inflation
The Fed raised rates 0.75% last week, the biggest single move since 1994 Market participants imply that rates will move from 1.75%...
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A History of the Individual Income Tax in America
Key Takeaways: Individual income taxes are the largest source of revenue for the government The 16th Amendment gave Congress...
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Fighting Inflation – Why This Time Feels Different and Could Actually Be Successful
Key Takeaways There were 11.4 million job openings in April equaling 1.92 job openings per unemployed person, a huge benefit...
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Managing a Household Allocation
One of our mantras in planning is to “Know What You Own.”  Peter Lynch popularized this term during his management of a Fidelity...
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Pre-RMD & Social Security Roth Conversions
Key Takeaways: Roth conversions should be especially considered if retired and not yet 70 years old. Withdrawing pre-tax funds...
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(With Perspective) There Is Good in This Selloff
  Yes, I said it; there are countless reasons to celebrate what we are and have been experiencing in the financial markets. ...
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Taxes in Retirement – Case Studies
Key Takeaways: Your sources of income will change, but you will still owe taxes in retirement. In general, your principal (or...
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Paying Down Debt vs. Saving for Retirement
Here is one we hear all the time – “How can I save for retirement with all of these monthly debt payments?”  For what is seemingly...
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