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Testing the Challenges of a Long Retirement
We often joke that our job was created because of increasing life expectancies and pensions seldom being offered.  Obviously,...
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Giving Strategy for Charity Gala Season
Fewer than 15% of taxpayers itemize deductions since 2018 tax reform. Timing the donations you already plan to make can maximize...
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The Hidden Benefits of Saving Early in Life
We’re all aware that saving for retirement is not a strong suit for many Americans.  There is no end to the alarming statistics...
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Interest Rates & Inflation
Over the past decade, the Federal Reserve has been pushing for modestly higher interest rates and inflation.  To anyone following...
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The Grey Area of Paying Off a Mortgage Early
A key question that soon-to-be retirees often face is whether or not to eliminate debt before retirement.  Generally, we would...
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Inflation Concerns: Are Higher Prices Here to Stay?
Higher prices are here – I learned this last month when booking a rental car for our summer vacation, a 6-day rental for...
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Insight Into Fixed Income + Timing of Social Security
When entering retirement, the question of how to structure income can be the most influential factor in determining a family’s...
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Toilet Paper... and Pork?
A little over a year ago, in March 2020, life as we then knew it was drastically changed.  Many of those who were fortunate enough...
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How Will A Bear Market Affect Your Plan?
In this week’s edition of the Ballast Atheneum, I am going to explore a subject no one wants to see but we all must prepare for;...
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The Housing Market is on Fire!
Key Takeaways: Housing inventory has declined by 52% from last year and is 15.6% more expensive. Millennials are finally participating...
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Thoughts on NFTs
We believe it is our responsibility to give our thoughts on current investment trends, even if it involves an asset that we do...
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Is the Recent Climb in Interest Rates a Real Threat?
If you pay as close attention to mortgage rates as we do, you may have noticed a fairly significant move higher over the last...
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